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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Husky 5000 Watt Generator

So, the power goes out in Merrick. Thanks to my friends for weighing in. Paul R. told me that I could camp out in his backyard. Ira Rosen let me know that this is one of the many reasons he prefers Bellmore. Alan B., however, actually offered to put us up, (Thanks Alan!)

I did what all weekend warriors do in such a situation... I went to Home Depot and bought a generator. (Husky 5000 watts.) To which, my wife asks me what we need this for. Within minutes, the refrigerator is hooked up, and we're all prepared for an evening without power. It was a little hard to explain why I couldn't turn the air-conditioning back on.

Anyway, Leslie is now smiling , as she is able to charge her Blackberry. She still doesn't understand why boys need to have such toys, (It is a pretty manly looking piece of equipment, isn't it?) Life is good!

Kudos to LIPA, as the power was restored before sunset; about four hours in total. But, now I'm prepared!

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