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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nikon vs. Canon, according to ME!

From: Steve S

Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2009

To: Steven Buchbinder

Subject: RE: Nikon vs. Canon

I saw your recommendation for Canon on your web site. The debate between Nikon and Canon is never-ending. Surely the 5D II is an incredible camera. But I wanted to mention one interesting point. I work for a Japanese company and have been for 30 years. So I obviously talk with a lot of Japanese people day to day. Some of them are avid photographers. The feeling or perception about Canon vs. Nikon in Japan (the home country where these two camera companies are head quartered) is that Canon is used mostly by amateurs and Nikon by the pros, whereas here in the U.S. it is more split with maybe a leaning towards Canon – but I’m not sure.


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  1. Since it is my personal website, (not directly associated with Alkit,) I get to express my opinions!

    IMHO, Nikon has always been the market leader in professional photographic equipment. However, since the advent of digital, they have lagged behind Canon in technology and design. (Notwithstanding lenses by both companies are amazing and hardly distinguishable.) Canon has managed for the past years to innovate faster with outstanding features and quality, while Nikon was slow to play catch-up. Your remark about Canon appealing to consumers is true, as their lineup of point-and-shoot cameras is preferred by the masses. Canon has been particularly successful with this segment.

    With the release of it’s D3, D700 and D300, Nikon has [finally] regained its place as a leader in the professional field. It is again my opinion that had Nikon been able to innovate such equipment sooner, it would not have lost such significant market share to Canon. As a direct result, I now have a large investment in Canon lenses that I see no overwhelming reason to trade for Nikon.

    When asked my opinion today, I reply that the difference between Nikon and Canon is comparable to Mercedes vs. BMW. There is no wrong choice!