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Saturday, March 27, 2010

No Facebook

I'm sorry if you arrived here thinking that you were visiting my Facebook Page, or my Photography Fan Page. I have RETIRED from Facebook. I have received too many communications from friends wanting to know why I "blocked" them. So I found it necessary to write... nothing personal!

I have invested countless hours into what I have concluded to be, a mindless and unproductive activity. At the end of the day, I write-off this investment as a vast experiment... my social networking experiment. I refuse to ever play Farmville or Mafia Wars. I never understood why people were throwing snowballs at me. For those of you who sent me drinks, thank you all, but I'd prefer to actually imbibe.

This is not a political statement, and at this stage of humanity, I am sure to remain in the very small minority of non-Facebooker's. For those people who really want to locate me, I'll be with my wife & kids. If you'd like to contact, feel free to see my company website, my personal website, my blog, my charity, LinkedIn, email me, text me, IM me, BBM me, or better yet, CALL ME! I'm not hiding.

Given to me by Troy... a Southpark episode about Facebook. This DEFINITELY sums it up. Enjoy, and thanks Troy! Southpark, You have 0 Friends

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